Blue Army on Tour – Summer Holiday Competition

LCFC Comp Summer Snaps
Its nearly that time of year, England are out of the World Cup, we are scratching around for some transfer rumour or nonsense gossip to bring you, and its getting warm and sticky working in a hot office somewhere in the mighty Leicestershire….
We are starting to think about all the key things we need to pack for our summer holidays…. our City shirt [will the new kit be out in time] , our Alan Young book, catch up on the Football Forum podcasts on the iPod as well as some Sun block and a City cap….
So the team at 100%LCFC thought we would launch our Summer Snaps comp…. it’s pretty simple.
1] Go somewhere… it could be Spain, or it could be Skegvegas, heck if you could go on a day trip to Snibston… we don’t care, just go somewhere and where your CITY shirt or colours.
2] Take a Selfie… or get somebody else to take it !
3] UPLOAD it to our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE… so we can share it to everybody! Click on the Facebook logo to go to the page…
Wow, is it that simple.
YES it is…
And what could you get in return apart from appearing in our Rogues Gallery ? Well we have got a small broom cupboard full of Leicester City T Shirts, Books, even the odd seat from Filbert Street in there…. who knows, what prizes we will be giving out, but its well worth sending us a photo.
Usual 100% LCFC rules apply… ie our decision is final etc etc…. oh and the final date for entry is August 28th to give you all a good chance to go somewhere good and take a selfie !
Here is the First one… from Emma Hardy, Blue Army on tour in Bulgaria !!! Who Are Ya !!
LCFC on Holiday

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